Green Software Engineering

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GREENS Workshop in Zurich


On 3rd of June 2012 Timo Johann presented "How to Measure Energy-Efficiency of Software: Metrics and Measurement Results" during the "First International Workshop on Green and Sustainable Software (GREENS)" in Zurich. The workshop is part of the "34th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE)". He presents a generic metric to measure software and a method to apply it in a software engineering process.

The presented results are set in the field of directly related sustainability criteria and metrics which are those that are directly related to the software itself. Regarding the GREENSOFT Model it belongs to the sub model "Sustainability Criteria and Metrics for Software Products". To classify the criteria "Energy Efficiency of Software" in detail he categorized existing measurement methods into "Black Box Measuring" (Benchmarking and Individual Measurement) "White Box Measuring" (especially Source Code Instrumentierung). The presented is assigned to the White Box Measuring and intents to identify software parts with a high resource consumption. The measurement method enables programmers to generate performance indicators and create metrics.