Green Software Engineering

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4th Workshop on "Energy Aware Software-Engineering and Development" (EASED)


Software-Engineering aims at developing and evolving software systems in an economic manner, considering project specific needs and quality goals. One of these quality goals, which become more and more important, is “energy efficiency of software systems”. Improving the energy consumption of mobile devices will not only increase the up-time and battery lifespan, it will also improve the carbon footprint. Viewing energy efficiency, is not only restricted to mobile devices, it also affects e.g. embedded systems and data centers, where energy is a major factor in costs and environmental burden.

Next to serious and ongoing efforts in hardware design, on operating system level, and by optimized code generation, software engineering techniques also contribute to optimizing energy consumption by improving software design: wasting energy can be avoided by e.g. removing energy code smells, improving data-base queries and storage methodologies, exchanging fast, but energy consuming components by slower but more energy efficient alternatives or by transferring functionality to the cloud, where integrated energy optimization on all technical levels can be applied. This list gives only some examples of optimizing energy consumption on software level.

In order to discuss these and further approaches we organize the 4th Workshop on "Energy Aware Software-Engineering and Development" (EASED) in conjunction with the EnviroInfo 2014.

The EASED workshop series on Energy Aware Software-Engineering and Development, which will be held at EnviroInfo 2014 for the 4th time, focuses on the intensive presentation and discussion of methods and technologies to optimize the energy consumption of systems by improving software-components in software intensive, embedded systems. Among others, these techniques include techniques:

  • detecting energy smells,
  • optimizing code,
  • avoiding energy waste,
  • measuring energy consumption, caused by software, and
  • modeling software caused energy behavior of embedded systems.

Conference Date: 10th-12th September 2014 | EnviroInfo Conference 2014 in Oldenburg / Germany
Deadline: 6th June 2014 (at most 6 pages in EnviroInfo format)

We encourage to send your ideas and papers to our workshop, in order to develop the current discussion about energy-aware software.